Who are we ?

GEOMNIA is an agile innovative company founded in July 2009 with specific know-how and core skills in 3D metrology, software engineering, micro and nano-scale mecatronics metrology systems engineering, and process optimization by software and measuring.

GEOMNIA develops and delivers innovative metrology software applications, measurement high-end devices and engineering solutions for high geometric quality of products, machines and processes for advanced manufacturing in harsh production environments, where increased complexity , and reduced tolerances, require ever smaller measurement uncertainties, shorter measuring time, increased information content and production integrated metrology.

Geomnia in the world

With a strong presence in ten countries around the world, Geomnia is today an international metrology player. Thanks to this availability, the company is a privileged partner of many players in the industry whose global activity requires metrological support.


Geomnia has forged close partnerships with several public agencies, technology clusters and research laboratories.

Geomnia has a close cooperation with LNE particularly in the context of 2 PhDs and an European project in partnership with 2 laboratories: L2MA (Arts et Métiers ParisTech) and LURPA (ENS de Cachan)

Geomnia is a member of several organizations: Symop, CFM, Citc, ARIA, i-Trans, PRN…

Geomnia receives public and private support: BPIFrance, FEDER, Haut de France Region, ANRT, LMI

Finorpa and Siparex support GEOMNIA in its industrial deployment since its first capital raising at the end of 2014.

BPI France
Hauts de France