PreciLine AB

PRECILINE AB : The freeform measuring platform

The PRECILINE AB delivers outstanding performances when it comes to measuring free forms.Ranging from aircraft reactor blades to steering column slides, the PRECILINE AB will support you throughout your quality approach.


The PRECILINE AB comes with a 21" touch screen as well as an intuitive HMI, guaranteeing a straightforward and efficient use.

Vibration cancelling

The PRECILINE AB offers an air damping system to cancel vibrations. Thus, it can be used directly on the factory floor without any particular restrictions.


The PRECILINE XZT makes use of two 2D profilometers guaranteeing a precise yet flexible measurement.





Motors and servodrive 4-axis Geobrick servodrive (Delta-Tau)
Computing Windows 10® 64 bits - Intel core i7 - 21" touch screen
Capacity and motion
Dimmensions 280mm (H) x 160mm (Diameter)
Weight 15kg maximum
Rotation speed Measure at 2 rot/s - Maximum speed of 6 rot/s
Z axis Speed : 300mm/s - Thrust: 0.5g
Scanning and accuracy
Maximum error 1 to 5 µm depending on the measured feature
Rotation resolution 1Vpp, 18000 traits
Rotation linearity ± 3 ’’
Z axis encoding Optical incremental linear encoder. Resolution : 1µm. Linearity : 3µm
Acquisition method Real time
Laser sensors Keyence LJV-7080 - resolution 50µm - Repeatability 0.5 µm
Working condition
Temperature From 10°C to 40°C - 40°F to 104°F
Hygrometry 75% maximum without condensation
Vibrations The PreciLine-AB comes with a air damping system
Parts Parts must be cleaned from oils, dust or any other contaminants that may disrupt the optical measurement.
Power supply 230/240 V~ (±10%) ; 50-60 Hz