PreciLine Disk

PreciLine Disk : A flexible contactless measurement solution for rim disks

PreciLine Disk provides you with an unequalled measurement time without any trade-offs made on either quality or accuracy. It presents itself as a great scanning tool which comes in handy for your quality control processes.

Ease of use

A 21" display screen provided along with a keyboard and a mouse make PreciLine Disk easily interfaceable and ideal for offline inspection.


PreciLine Disk uses an accurate laser triangulation profilometer.


PreciLine Disk offers a software that includes the complete SPC functionalities, of which graphics and reports can be fully personalized.


Command Unit
Computing Windows 10 x64. Core i3-7350k
GUI 21" screen
Part size Between 14" and 17"
Maximum weight 10Kg
Actuation Manual
Scanning accuracy
Maximum Error 5µm
Number of measured profiles 720 profiles per round
Resolution 800 points per profile
Laser scanner Keyence LJV-7200
Operating conditions
Temperature From 10°C to 40°C / From 50°F to 104°F
Max RH 75% (non-condensing)
Parts Steel rim disks
Power supply 220-230V single-phase. 50-60Hz.