PreciLine Thickness

PreciLine Thickness: Rim thickness measurement station

Geomnia’s PreciLine Thickness is another contactless measuring machine of exceptional performance. With an extremely short cycle time, the Profinet communication protocol and the fully automated rim “load-unload” system, this measuring machine is a perfect fit for your on-line applications.


PreciLine Thickness is equipped with a Siemens robot allowing the machine to be fully integrated along production lines. Its automated rim “load-unload” system guarantees a simple and flexible operation.


PreciLine Thickness uses a couple of laser point sensors, having significantly low linearity error, and is capable of measuring the thickness of rims with a cleanroom-like accuracy, whilst operating inside production facilities and workshops.


Command Unit
Motor & Frequency converter ABB MicroFlex 180 + IMO brushless motor
Computing Windows 10 x64. Intel core i5. 21" Touchscreen
Robot iSmart CD-R20
Compatibility and Dynamics
Maximum part size Rims of 14" to 17"
Maximum weight 10kg
Linear stage operating speed 300 mm/s
Cycle time 1s / pièce
Scanning accuracy
Laser sensors 2 x Micro-Epsilon ILD2300-50
Linearity Error 10µm
Resolution 31 points per mm
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature 10 to 40°C
Relative humidity 75% (non-condensing)
Power supply 230/240 V~ (±10%) ; 50-60 Hz