PreciLine WR

PreciLine WR - The wheel and rim measuring station

GEOMNIA PreciLine WR delivers outstanding wheel contactless inspection capabilities. Its ISO-16833 compliance guarantees great radial and lateral runouts measurement accuracy. Furthermore, the fully automated measurement provides a measurement ten times faster than a manual inspection.


Scanning and automation

GEOMNIA PreciLine WR is ready for automatic In-Line 100% inspection of the manufactured parts. The measurement is completed in under three seconds.

New references can be manually added to the machine database thanks to an intuitive GUI.

Data is always key, so every measurement is automatically stored in the machine database and can optionnally be sent to an SPC system.




The user interface is user friendly and straightforward to use. It also packs an advanced mode for demanding users.

The software features two levels of privileges, allowing secure operator an administrator use.

PDF reporting is fully supported : measurement tables, circularity graphics, runouts, harmonics, hump, bead set.


Command unit
Servodrive One axis frequency inverter. IMO Jaguar CUB.
Computing Windows 10® x64. Intel core i7.
Maximum part size From 13 to 20 inch wheels.
Maximum weight 15kg
Rotation speed Up to 65 rpm
Scanning and accuracy
Uncertainty 10 µm
Rotation 2x500 profiles per rotation. 800 points per profile.
Encoder Incremental encoder. 60 000 points/rotation.
Acquisition method Real time
Laser sensors 2x Keyence LJ-V7200. Resolution : 100µm. Repeatability : 1µm.
Cycle time 3s
Working condition
Temperature From 5°C to 50°C - 41°F to 122°F
Hygrometry 75% maximum without condensation.
Laser Class 2, λ=405nm, 4.8 mW