PreciLine XZT

PRECILINE XZT : the flexible contactless measurement system for catalytic converters from Geomnia.

PRECILINE XZT delivers uncompromising precision and quality assurance. It is capable of inspecting both substrates and assembled catalytic converters. Featuring outstanding scanning and vision technology PRECILINE XZT is the reference in-line & near-line canning measurement platform.


PRECILINE XZT comes with Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP and Siemens Profinet support. It can receive part recipe from a PLC and automatically launch a cycle accordingly. Its handshaking process enables it to be embedded within a production line and work alongside robots.

Standalone use

PRECILINE XZT comes with its own panel and HMI allowing a standalone nearline or laboratory use. Multiple features such as advanced circularity graphics, average and local GBD graphics, PDF control report generation and SPC capability make it a great canning inspection system.


PRECILINE XZT is equipped with two high-precision wide-range laser sensors guaranteeing a flawless and flexible measurement.


PRECILINE XZT makes use of high resolution cameras and 2D codes reader allowing fast part identification and defect detection such as chips, gouges and collapsed areas.

Collapsing detection
Chip detection
Can pointcloud
Substrate pointcloud
Substrate reorienting


Servodrive 8 axis GeoBrick servodrive (DeltaTau)
Computing Hight performance computer embedded in a panel with 24’ touch display
Capacity and motion
Maximum part size 340mm (H) x 330mm (Diameter)
Maximum weight 15 kg
Rotation speed Up to 1 rot.s-1
X and Z axis speed Up to 300 mm.s-1
X and Z axis thrust 0.5 G
Scanning accuracy
Maximum error 10 µm
Resolution 2 x 800 points per profile
Profile count 2 x 3600 profiles per rotation
Z axis encoding HEIDENHAIN linear encoder ±0.5µm
Laser scanning Keyence LJV-7300 (x2) : • Linearity error : 50µm • Points per profile : 800 • Resolution : 300µm • Repeatability : 1µm • Accuracy : 1µm
Cycle time 12s to 16s
2D Codes DataMatrix, QR Code, Barcode
Substrate dimensions Height Diameter Cylindricity Planarity
Additional substrate features Face gouges detection Edge and side chips detection Angular reorienting
Canning dimensions Average GBD Local GBD Constant zone measurement Height Runouts Diameter Cylindricity
Additional canning features Chip detection Substrate collapsing detection
Working conditions
Working temperature 10°C to 40°C / 50°F to 104°F
Maximum working hygometry rate 75%
Parts Cylindrical shape Non-shiny finish
Power supply 480V triple phase ; 50-60 Hz